Monday, October 25, 2010

The Sterling Prize, Dr. Alexander and Darwin

SFU has an annual award that was created to: “recognize work which provokes, and/or contributes to the understanding of controversy” as noted on the website: This award was established by Ted and Nora Sterling with the first recipient being honored in 1994. I recommend that you have a look at the list of recipients and see some of the remarkable, albeit controversial, research and academic endeavours that have been pursued by the academics at SFU over the last 15 years. One particular quote I found relevant: “…research studies should be judged by methodology, not by one's beliefs” (Mauser).

Dr. Bruce Alexander, our guest lecturer last week, was the recipient of The Sterling Prize in 2007. Quoted from the above website: “Dr. Alexander has devoted the last 25 years to developing and defending his ‘adaptive’ view of human addiction.“ This view is very Darwinian and it would be interesting to know more about Dr. Alexander’s research … of course, there is a book! I plan on looking into this further as I think this concept could be applied more broadly … beyond human addiction.

Dr. Alexander provided his support to Darwin’s thoughts on adaptation and evolution and at the same time confirmed why Darwin is so amazing.

My favourite quote from Dr. Alexander’s lecture: “The evolutionary progression is a process every bit as magnificent as the divine creation it is replacing.”

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