Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Believable Literature

Charles Darwin is genius in his explorations and explanations of the development of life. He connects every aspect of the living natural world around us through his theory of natural selection. Natural selection describes the “struggle for existence” that each species goes through, competing against other species, animals of its own species and its natural environment. These checks and balances seem only natural when one considers the growth of populations otherwise. Overall, the way Darwin supports his theory makes one want to accept it. He allows for flaws in his own arguments, and explains them in such a way that they come across as acceptable truths. For example, how would there be another explanation for the existence of different forms of squirrels without the modifications and random variations the species goes through over centuries that allow the different variations to adapt to their individual environments? I am unfortunately not genius in my wording like Darwin but this is just another reason why he is so amazing. Not only does Darwin write in a way that makes his theories easy to accept, but his arguments used in The Origin of Species are backed up by the works of several other naturalists: Wallace, Dr. Hooker, Heusinger, Mr. Blyth. Some that support his work and some that disagree. This gives Darwin the air of not being afraid to confront other explanations for his findings. He is not worried about being scrutinized yet remains in strong defence of his theories.

I hope to bring you more details on the supporters of Darwin soon!

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