Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nature is Random

There is no question as to how great Darwin's theory of Natural Selection has irrevocably changed the way we see the world and how every species has come to be what it is today. One of the major aspects of Darwin's On the Origin of Species which has been both criticized and praised is the "struggle for existence". Yes, the strongest do survive and the weakest member of the herd will always be caught, however this particular struggle does not necessarily apply to human beings. We have evolved differently and have come to value the skills of individuals and how those skills can help the community as a whole. Those who believe in actively pursuing Social Darwinism and only allowing the physically perfect human to live are taking Nature into their own hands. This fundamentally goes against what Charles Darwin wrote about. Natural Selection is always happening everywhere and every second of every day since the world began. Nature is also random and always in control. We can never go against Nature because Nature is all powerful. And those who believe in Social Darwinism obviously have never had their house destroyed by an earthquake.

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