Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Strongest Vs. The Weakest

Throughout Darwin's theory of evolution and natural selection, he stresses the importance of genetic strength over weakness within species as well as between species. Essentially, Darwin suggests that the strongest will survive while the weaker die out. To the average person, this thesis could appear as being quite extreme. One has to remember though, that there are many variants that determine strength. Everything from intelligence, physical form and physiology, to the climate that a species resides in, can determine one individual strength against another. This theory receives much criticism, but in a sense shouldn't. Darwin is only trying to justify natural selection. He may be a bit radical at times, but people must remember that the terms 'strongest' and 'weakest' are not set in stone. They are determined by a variety of factors and influences which is an important point to make when studying his theory of natural selection. Therefore, Darwin's theory still holds true...and also kicks butt!

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